“…a highly individualistic approach to ambient techno, one that jibes with the gauzy, expansive nature of the genre while at the same time dissolving any easily recognizable formalism. Rather than tweak previously established templates (there’s nothing here that sounds much like Aphex Twin, Biosphere, Gas, et al., or the more dub-based excursions on Chain Reaction), [lack] builds morphing, quantum-like patterns of kicks and a gazillion shades of haze and blurred reflections. Shards of beat-work emerge then dissolve. Loose, clanging, acrid field recordings hint at percussion without ever becoming overtly rhythmic. Icy sheets of feedback hint at synthesizers, but you never know for sure. My ears detect phantom hints of conservatory-bred electronic music, but also new age celestialism and somber, Sheffield drizzle. Yet none of it ever takes corporeal form. We’re talking hardcore liminality.”

– Justin Farrar, Heavy Music Matters

lack is Philip Glyn Maier (b. 1986), currently based in the Unorganized Territory of South Oxford, Maine, USA.